Procurement assistance

If you need assistance locating, purchasing, manufacturing or importing products from China, Eyes On can help.

We offer customized services throughout the entire procurement process, including:

        - Market research
        - Product and supplier sourcing
        - Price negotiations
        - Factory inspections
        - Custom manufacturing
        - Quality control and management
        - Patenting and certifications
        - Logistics, warehousing and shipping

Product and supplier sourcing

China, the factory of the world, has millions of factories manufacturing practically all products imaginable. Our expert local knowledge permits us to identify the best suppliers from the crowd.

Eyes On assists foreign buyers with sourcing products and suppliers in China. Our clients are European and North American manufacturers and distributers from a wide variety of industry sectors. Some wish to purchase an already existing product, others to custom manufacture their own product. Each of our clients is different but they all seek the most reliable and qualified supplier for their money.

We personally inspect a broad selection of factories in order to evaluate each one. Our systematic approach to sourcing provides efficient communication and ensures clients find exactly what they want.

For more information, prices or project references, please contact us here.

Custom manufacturing

There exist an overwhelming number of business opportunities in China, yet dealing directly with factories can be an unwelcomed challenge. Misunderstandings about common business practices, manufacturing protocols and internal quality control standards, can cost you time, money and quality.

At Eyes On we make sourcing in China easy. Our Western management understands your needs and requirements, and we work to ensure the Chinese manufacturer satisfies these fully.

A quality control action plan is required to prevent setbacks as well as to ensure the original prototype and final product are a 100% match. Each project is unique and each product has its own characteristics and requirements. We therefore develop an action plan for each client to outline the use of quality controls; the type, frequency, timing and duration of every factory inspection.

Eyes On supervises custom manufacturing by conducting factory inspections. We keep daily contact with both the factory and client, but we only work for the client. We are your local presence, your eyes on the factory floor.

Quality control and management

The first and foremost concern when purchasing from China is product quality. At Eyes On quality assurance is our foundation and our specialty.

We perform quality control inspections on a wide variety of products. These can be in the form of one-time third-party quality control, or throughout the whole procurement process as integral procurement assistance. For more information on these services and their price please click here.

We also counsel foreign buyers on quality control management – how to best ensure their quality requirements are met in China. Often, foreign buyers are disillusioned with a Chinese factory’s rudimentary practices, especially their internal quality control standards. We bridge the gap between Western and Chinese quality expectations by developing a tailored action plan that is right for each client and their supplier.

At all factory inspections Eyes On applies the ISO 2859-1 (ANSI/ASQC Z1.4-2003), also known as the AQL Standard. For more information on AQL please click here.

Our mixed European/Chinese quality inspection teams can be at any designated factory in China within 48 hours. Reports include photos (and videos depending on the client and the product) and are emailed to the client the same day as the inspection. Eyes On also offers direct communication between the client and the inspectors at the factory (in English, Spanish and Swedish).

Our proven method of operation includes the following quality inspection services:

  • Factory audit
  • Pre-production inspection
  • Production inspection
  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • Container-loading inspection

Factory Audit

A factory audit verifies that the manufacturer is indeed who they say they are. There are unfortunate instances of Chinese suppliers misrepresenting themselves (notably distributors posing as manufacturers), thereby rendering factory audits essential for new suppliers.

Factory audits also inspect the manufacturer’s capability for manufacturing the desired product the desired way. Particular attention is paid to the factory’s internal quality control and their management’s quality protocols.

Our factory audit checklist is derived from the ISO9000 series and covers the following:

  • Internal quality control systems and quality management protocols
  • Production processes including machinery and their condition
  • Quality of the current/latest products manufactured
  • Workforce and their working conditions

Pre-production inspection

Pre-production inspections check that all the raw materials, production equipment and packaging materials are in place. The aim is to identify and address any potential problems before production starts.

Pre-production inspections are particularly relevant when production includes components supplied by sub-suppliers, extensive assembling and packaging, or parts of customized products that have not previously been manufactured.

Prior to the inspection istelf, however, Eyes On develops an action plan that includes a quality checklist. All critical requirements (including raw materials, manufacturing processes and quality parameters) are outlined so that both the client and the manufacturer are on the same page. This will help prevent potential missunderstandings, problems and delays from ocurring later on.

Production inspection

A production inspection is conducted when approximately 20% of the total order has been manufactured. Every part of the production process is thoroughly observed during operation and the finished products are stress-tested. This is a critical early-stage for quality control.

Depending on the product and the client’s requirements, Eyes On inspects the following:

  • The quantity produced (semi-finished, finished and packed)
  • Visual appearance (cosmetic check)
  • Product specifications (size, dimensions, colors, materials, etc.)
  • Categorization of defects according to AQL standards
  • All possible functional and related tests (safety, carton-drop, stress-tests, etc.)
  • The handling and temporary storage of semi-finished products
  • Labeling and marking
  • Packing and packaging
  • Follow up on production lead times

Pre-shipment inspection

A pre-shipment inspection examines the same criteria as in the previous production inspection. The main difference is that this inspection is carried out when approximately 80% of the order has been produced. The aim is thereby to verify that production is consistently meeting all the desired quality targets throughout the order’s volume.

Container-loading inspection

A container-loading inspection ensures the final details of the product, as well as packaging and labeling, are all correct. Furthermore, it is verified that the correct ordered quantity is securely loaded onto your container before you settle final payment.

For more information on the importance of a container-loading inspection please click here.


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