How much does Eyes On cost?

Residence in China permits us to offer very competitive rates. We are fully independent and transparent.

Third-party quality controls are one-time inspections starting at 300EUR/400USD per day. Our inspections are thorough and impartial, and we report directly to the client not the supplier.

Third-party quality controls are popular amongst foreign buyers who have an established partnership with a Chinese supplier. The buyer requires minimum new product development and trusts the supplier’s track record for quality, lead time and price. Nevertheless, the buyer values the peace of mind provided by a third-party inspection (typically a production inspection, pre-shipment inspection or container-loading inspection).

Integral procurement assistance refers to project management of the entire procurement process; from locating a qualified supplier to supervising custom manufacturing. Eyes On designs and implements a tailored quality control action plan from beginning to end, in order to ensure products are manufactured 100% in accordance with clients’ pre-agreed specifications.

Integral procurement assistance is common amongst foreign buyers who are sourcing a new product and/or from a new supplier. It is also advised for products requiring numerous quality control inspections at different stages of production. Although marginally more expensive than third-party quality control, integral procurement assistance furnishes the buyer with less risk – provides the best assurance of quality as and timely deliveries.

For integral procurement assistance prices will vary depending on the product, volume and time involved. We can itemize our services by hour, by day, work on commission, agree a margin percentage, retention (if we can’t locate your factory or product you don’t pay us), or a pre-agreed flat rate.

Why should I choose Eyes On?

Local expertise:

We understand how Chinese suppliers think and operate.

Western management:

We understand you, your product requirements and professional expectations. 

Save you money:

We negotiate with suppliers on your behalf so that you get the best value for money.

Save you time and energy:

We produce efficient results without hassle or delays.

Quality assurance:

We make sure your product meets your specifications.

Can Eyes On save me money? 

A third-party inspection is like purchasing insurance. When taking into account the risks of defected goods (or the wrong goods) reaching your doorstep (or the wrong doorstep), our clients regard peace of mind as a valuable investment.

Problems may arise, mistakes may happen, and if they do Eyes On will spot them in the making, before they become truly expensive.

Which areas of China do you cover?

Eyes On covers all of Greater China, including Hong Kong and Taiwan. Our multilingual inspection teams can be on any Chinese factory floor within 48 hours.

How long does a project take?

For factory inspections, our inspection teams can be at any factory in China within 48 hours. Inspection results are normally sent that same day in the late afternoon (early morning in America, early afternoon in Europe).

For custom manufacturing and integral procurement assistance, the lead-time will vary from project to project. A brand new product, for example, could take up to two months of reviewing samples until the client is fully satisfied and gives the go ahead on production. Already existing products tend to be sourced quicker.

Do you have a minimum order size? 

No. Many of our clients ask for whole container loads, but many don’t. It all depends on the product.

I have found a factory in China where they speak English. Why do I need any third-party assistance?

China, the factory of the world, possesses many social/cultural values which are simply alien to Westerners, and vice versa. Customer-patron relationships, perspectives of quality, the value of time, work ethic, saving face, or even the meaning of a smile can be different. English-to-Mandarin miscommunication is no small challenge, but more often than not, problems encountered by foreign buyers in China are socio-cultural in nature and not merely linguistic.

At Eyes On we bridge this gap of professional expectations, so that both Chinese supplier and foreign buyer feel they are conducting business with a fellow countryman. Our multicultural teams navigate this East-West divide so that you can focus on your business and maximize benefits.

The products I am buying are simple and the factory has manufactured them before. Why do I need third-party quality control?

Conducting business in China is not the same as conducting business in the West. Finding a reliable Chinese business partner can itself be a challenge, and unforeseen problems may still arise even when working with the best manufacturer. Foreign buyers will find countless of lucrative opportunities in China, but it is always recommended they seek assistance from an independent third-party, especially with regards to quality-assured manufacturing.

The 5 most common problems encountered by foreign buyers in China are:

  1. Manufacturer does not adhere to the agreed upon specifications
  2. Manufacturer does not use the agreed upon raw materials
  3. Manufacturer does not implement the agreed upon production method
  4. Project timeline is disrupted leading to delayed delivery
  5. End product lacks adequate finishing due to shoddy assembly and/or packaging.

Simply put, if you want quality-assured manufacturing in China you need to keep an eye on production, no matter the product or supplier. If you are unable to do this yourself, we strongly recommend you utilize an independent third-party such as Eyes On to conduct the inspections on your behalf.

Eyes On acts as your presence on the factory floor. Our experienced inspectors abide by international quality standards and will ensure your product is manufactured to your own specifications.

I’ve found a Chinese agent that offers the same service as Eyes On but cheaper. Why is that?

By all means shop around, but if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

There are unfortunately too many Chinese businesses that misrepresent themselves. It is no secret that on alibaba.com, for example, many who pose as manufacturers are in reality middle-men distributors.

Eyes On is fully independent and fully transparent. We don’t represent any factories – we represent you in dealing with factories.

How can Eyes On help me avoid defective goods and delayed deliveries?

Prevention, prevention, prevention.  

Eyes On has experienced inspectors with intimate knowledge of how Chinese factories operate. Our tailored quality control action plan implemented with international quality control standards (ISO 2859-1) at all stages of procurement will ensure your products are manufactured to your specifications. We keep you fully informed and make sure production does not proceed until you have approved each sample. Our proven method of operation provides you with optimal costs, quality assurance and timely deliveries.

Why do I need a container-loading inspection? What could possibly go wrong?

All too often time, effort, and money go to waste due to lack of follow-through. During the final stages even the best-laid plans can encounter problems.

The 5 most common problems during container loading:

  1. Product damage due to unsafe or disorderly stacking
  2. Incorrect number of cartons
  3. Wrong cartons
  4. Products were damaged during storage after production
  5. Adverse loading conditions, such as high humidity, causes product damage en route.

An effective action plan requires you keep your eyes on all stages of procurement, from the very beginning to the very end.

What standards do you use for quality control? What is AQL?

The AQL (Acceptance Quality Limit) or ISO 2859-1 (ANSI/ASQC Z1.4-2003), is a universally recognized quality control standard. Depending on the industry sector, most factories in Western countries will self-apply one ISO standard or another, but in China it is recommended you have a third-party conduct this.

The standard definition of the AQL is "the maximum defective percent (or the maximum number of defects per hundred units) that, for purpose of sampling inspection, can be considered satisfactory as a process average".

First, defects are classified into critical, major and minor. Second, an AQL sampling size is chosen appropriate to the product and in accordance with the client’s requirements. This will usually be level II for consumer goods.

According to the number of defects found for each defect criteria under the AQL standard, Eyes On will advise the buyer to accept or to reject shipments.

The most common outcome of a decision to reject a shipment would be to negotiate with the supplier. A buyer’s options are usually to have products re-manufactured from the start, products or packaging re-worked on, defected units removed, or to purchase the whole batch (including defected products) at a reduced price.

What information do your inspection reports include?

Our reports are illustrated with plenty of pictures as well as videos where needed, and will cover:

  • Product appearance and workmanship quality (AQL standard)
  • Product specifications review: Quantity, material, color, size, measurements,
  • Packaging specifications review: Labeling & marking, packaging, packing, accessories, shipping marks etc.
  • On site Testing and special checks.
  • Important remarks and professional feedback.
  • Any quality concerns in addition to the quality requirements communicated to supplier/us as a third party

Are you familiar with my country’s import regulations?

Yes. We have been involved with hundreds of different products and dealt with import regulation and documentation from dozens of countries. It’s what we do.

What kind of products does Eyes On specialize in?

A larger part of the products we work with are consumer goods. However, we are able to source a wide range of product categories and raw materials.

Please contact us to submit an inquiry or ask to see our past projects.

Do I need to visit China?

Many of our clients, particularly those who have been sourcing in China for a while, wish to visit the factories where their products are made. It will always be our pleasure to show you around. Nevertheless, Eyes On is on the factory floor so that you don’t have to be.

We cherish a personal relationship with each client. In most instances we will visit new clients prior to working together.

Do you have a question that remains unanswered?

Please contact us.

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