Who are Eyes On?

Eyes On is a Swedish owned company, based in Xiamen, Fujian province, since 2005. We offer European/American clients customized services when producing in or importing products from China.
We provide foreign buyers with a reliable, efficient and cost-reducing platform for procurement in China.
Our European managed procurement teams include quality inspectors, available for on-site inspections within 48 hours.

AnchorWhy do we need quality control ?

China has changed dramatically since opening up to the world some 30 years ago. From a quality perspective there are still great challenges facing Western companies manufacturing in China. This is due to the different perspectives on quality but also due to vast cultural differences that leads to mis-understandings in communication.

We believe you need quality control for your production in China.
We also believe you need quality control when importing goods from China.

Is our Chinese supplier reliable?-To get to know your Chinese supplier before conducting business. Have us conducting Factory Audits
We have transferred deposit payment to our Chinese Supplier. Has factory prepared all raw materials to get production started? - Have us to make a Pre-production inspection.

We have dealt with Hongkongese and Taiwanese suppliers for a long time without quality issues. Do we really need quality control for our Chinese suppliers? - Yes, we strongly recommend you to have a third party - someone else than the manufacturer - to inspect goods at different stages of the production phase. Have us do production inspections and Pre-shipment inspections.

Is my order produced according to my specifications? - Have us to do a Production inspection

Are factory making required visual and functional tests of goods? - Have us to do a Production inspection based on your requirements.

Are goods packaged and loaded onto container in an efficient yet safe way? - Have us make a Container loading inspection.

We have a very sensitive order. How do we make sure there are zero defects? - Have us inspect goods during the full length of production.

How to make sure the factory has put in place the right quality checks? - Have us make a Pre-shipment inspection

What quality control and quality assurance services do you offer?

• Manufacturing in China

Manufacturing in China– Supplier sourcing, Quality Control

Importing from China – Product sourcing, Quality Control

• Product and supplier sourcing

Supplier sourcing when manufacturing in China

Sourcing products when importing from China

Factory Inspections / Social audits

• Quality Control

Pre-production inspection

Production inspection

Pre-shipment inspection

Container loading inspection

Pls contact us with information on your projects for quotation of above services from us.

Can you, as a quality control company, save us costs?

To have a third party inspect goods before they are shipped out of China is much like purchasing an insurance. Most of the time a rather in-expensive insurance.

We strongly recommend you consider the risks of defected goods reaching you overseas, after 30 days on the ocean. Re-production and re-packaging costs are relatively considerably cheaper in China compared to in Europe or U.S. eg.

In this sense large costs can be saved.

We lower you risks, however do as a third party quality control provider not necessarily lower your actual total costs spent on your China projects.

Considering the alternatives to using Eyes On as a quality inspector, we believe we can offer a strong, cost saving alternative:

1) Take out quality control with own Chinese organization in China. – Consider bribery risks, difficulties making the Chinese operation efficient etc.

2) Take out quality control from your head office in Europe / U.S – less flexibility, considerably higher overhead costs management/engineers, higher travel costs

3) Using a Hong Kong / Taiwan-based agent for all procurement needs including quality control – less flexibility, lower/more costly factory presence

4) Using a larger International or Chinese inspection company for quality inspections – impersonal service, risk of inspectors not speaking your language and/or seeing quality with your eyes.

5) Leave the quality control to the Chinese manufacturer – overall relatively high risks.

Why should we choose Eyes On?

Management: European managed teams with a Western sense of quality and a think-out-of-the-box-approach to quality and quality control.
Personal: Customized solutions from a dedicated team. A systematic approach to all processes yet being able to adapt and customize our services.
Flexible: Accurate information fast. For inspection services within 48 hours on factory floor. Flexibility on your terms.
Safe: When involving Chinese suppliers in your value-chain we recommend you to get a third party involved. We have the integrity you need.

A dedicated and experienced team
• All our inspectors and auditors are full-time employees.
• We recruit experienced and professional people with a Western capacity of judgement.
• All our inspectors and auditors are regularly trained to internationalquality standards.
• Our quality control and assurance services are following international standards.
• We all abide to a strict business ethics & compliance code.

Do you offer sourcing services to find suppliers and manage projects?

Yes, we do. Please contact us with information on your projects. The initial information do not need to be detailed, however would preferably include:

1) Type of product
2) General product specifications
3) Estimated order volumes and target prices / total costs
4) Time frame for project

We will get back to you within 48 hours with a customized Sourcing- and Quality Control Plan for your project incl. quotation with all cost details specified.
If you are looking for new Chinese manufacturers for a new project our Sourcing- and Quality Control Plan will generally include the following:

Initial factory sourcing followed by first round of inquiries -Factory auditing - Second round of inquiries - Second round of factory visits incl. sample order discussions-Sampling -Order placement-Logistic arrangements-Pre-production inspection-Production inspection-Pre-shipment inspection-Container loading inspection Each project has its uniqueness and the procurement process does usually vary according to type of product and complexity of project, amount of sub-suppliers involved etc.

Can we discuss with you in detail our criteria and our product specifications?

Of course. We invite you to contact us in order to explain us your quality needs. We are following a standard for all quality control, however we need a rich communication with you concerning your specific quality specifications and requirements.

AnchorWhat information does your inspection report include?

Our reports are very detailed, illustrated with plenty of pictures as well as videos where needed. The reports normally covers:

• Product appearance (AQL) and Workmanship quality
• Product specifications review: Quantity, material, color, size, measurements,
• Packaging specifications review: Labeling & marking, packaging, packing, accessories, shipping marks etc.
• On site Testing and special checks.
• Important remarks and professional feedback.
• Any quality concerns in addition to the quality requirements communicated to supplier/us as a third party
See also our different outlines for quality controls, example Pre-shipment inspection

How long does it take to obtain the inspection results for third party quality control?

The inspection results are normally sent within the same-day of the inspection.
The reports are usually sent between late afternoon/night Chinese time, which means usually before the before lunch US time or afternoon/early evening European time.
If inspector available in factory during your office hours - possibility to direct contact from factory floor.

Who will approve or reject the shipment?

For projects where Eyes On acts as a third party inspector we inspect the shipment according to AQL international standards and also according to your instructions, specifications and criteria. Then, our results are given to you through a fully detailed and illustrated report, which should allow you to decide whether to allow the shipment of your products.

Which areas of Asia do you cover?

Our services cover all parts of Greater China, including Hong Kong and Taiwan.
From our office strategically located in Xiamen, Fujian province, north from Hong Kong, south from Shanghai, we can reach most any Chinese manufacturer within the same day.

How much does Eyes On’s services cost?

For projects where Eyes On are acting supplier we are offering FOB-prices including add-ons on production costs covering order handling and quality control, no hidden extra costs.
For projects where Eyes On is acting third party inspector we invoice clients based days spent on project.
Product Inspections and Factory Audits as a third party start at EUR 300 all inclusive.Product inspections are usually performed within one day if project not involving more than one supplier.

The number of days needed depends on the total ordered quantity, which gives us the sampling size to inspect, the complexity of your product and the number of reference to inspect.
For examples of total costs for quality inspections in Greater China, pls contact us with location of your manufacturer/s.

How can we pay?

Payment on goods normally T/T. Payment terms according to products and order volumes.
For quality inspections, regular clients invoiced end of each month. Payment terms 30 days on service fees, 10 days on reimbursed sampling and production costs.
Payments to USD/EUR/CNY/SEK available.

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer special packages for clients with regular sourcing projects and/or quality inspections. We also offer favorable payment terms for regular clients.
Please contact us for detailed quotations.

Where do I send my sample products?

For third party inspections, in order to save time and money, we advise you to send it directly to your manufacturer, in a sealed package to our attention. In case you do not trust enough your factory or vendor for this, you can send it to our Xiamen-office.

What kind of products are you doing?

A larger part of our products are consumer goods.
We are not focused on a certain type of product category or raw material.
Please contact us for project- and client references.

What kind of time frame can we expect for your services?

Eyes On is providing customized procurement services throughout the year, with availability 365 days per year.
We are replying to all new inquiries within 24 hours. For on-going projects we keep clients updated in an efficient and accurate manner.
Our European managed teams includes foreign inspectors.For quality inspections as a third party we can provide an inspector on factory floor within 48 hours. Foreign quality inspectors speaking your language available in Spanish, English, German and Swedish / Scandinavian languages.

Do you have a question that is still unanswered?

Please contact us.
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